Underwrite applicants in minutes within a single platform.

Roxwrite’s platform lets you consolidate your underwriting process into one centralized software, so you can scale your team and close more deals.

All your systems in
one place

No more having to log into multiple platforms every time you need to process an application. Get the most important information all in one view.

Save cost

Process underwriting in a fraction of the time, allowing you to reduce the amount of hours spent per applicant.

Increase revenue

Get deals done faster to improve your bottom line.

Eliminate Errors

Having all your data in one system allows you to eliminate duplicate entry, and easily keep track of the status of each applicant.

/ Features

Integrations Partners

RoxWrite comes pre-integrated with the industry's top bureaus and data-sources.

Automated UCC Searches and Filings

Enable users to search, file and amend UCCs.

Customized Reporting

Get a consolidated summary of all the data you care about in one simple to read document, as well as access to full reporting when needed.

SOC2 Compliant

The security of you and your customers data is our top priority. We are proudly SOC2 compliant.

Bank Transaction Monitoring

Roxwrite allows you to pull bank transaction data for clients. Underwrite with more data and mitigate risk.

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Business Verification Report

Profitable decisions depend on truly knowing your customer. Instant access to proven business content, stronger entity linking and advanced analytics.

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/ Benefits
/ Data

Don’t negotiate with 5+ individual data providers

Underwrite applications faster

Save thousands of dollars every month on reports

Review applications faster to increase revenue

Eliminate costly errors by using Rox as a single source of truth

/ Open API

Our cloud-based open API architecture allows us to quickly and easily integrate with the systems you need to keep you and your team efficient.

/ Simple Onboarding

The RoxWrite platform was built from the ground up with a modern interface, so you can train employees on it in no time.

/ Custom Reporting

One consolidated view of all the data you care about, so you can make underwriting decisions faster, and drive more revenue.

/ Our Process

Enter one unique identifier, and Roxwrite auto-populates the rest. Get new applicants screened in no time through our simple process:


Risk & Background Assessment

We automatically pull credit reports, background checks, and other data sources all into one place to estimate the probability of loss.


UCC Search and Filings

Enable users to run certified UCC Searches on prospective clients and enables them to file and amend UCCs through the system.


Report Generation

Required documents and a consolidated summary are generated for easy review and processing.

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