/ Roxwrite Bank Monitoring

Stay ahead of MCAs and reduce the risk of fraud

/ What is it?

Supercharge your lending and fully understand a borrower's complete financial profile by checking real-time income and loan asset data. Through our bank monitoring integration, you can automate the loan application process and reduce fraud checks by directly integrating with source data. This allows you to gain continuous visibility into applicant finances, including rich, up-to-date insights into spending, cash flow, and more.

/ How it works

With our Plaid integration, you can request your applicant to securely login to their bank


Gain secure access to review bank transaction insights so you can better assess risk and stay ahead of fraud.


Access 6 months of standardized and enhanced transaction history. Retrieve detailed loan data including balances, terms, and payment timing for loans.


If desired, continuously monitor financial data to detect new loans and risk data through daily refreshes of data

Pricing starts at $2 a month for each connected bank account